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The Innovative image file format

We want to deliver an innovative image file format to all people. In order to have more people use the WebP file format, we have developed high-efficiency conversion technology. WebPconv is an application that can do batch conversions of JPEG/PNG files to WebP. It can also convert WebP files into a variety of other file formats.

What's the WebP?

WebP is an open image format that Google is developing. It supports lossless and lossy compression. [+]

JPEG: 65.2 Kbytes

WebP: 11.6 Kbytes

Bulk interconversion

WebPconv can convert multiple JPEG or PNG files into WebP files at once. The conversion processes run parallel to each other, so they can be completed in a shorter time. You can also visually confirm the change in file size from before and after the conversion.

Functional layout and intuitive operation

The application screen is made up of a single screen. It is designed so you can complete all operations without the need to go back and forth between multiple windows. You can switch between encoding (JPEG/PNG to WebP) and decoding (WebP to JPEG/PNG) using tabs.

Option Menu

In the option menu, you can perform a variety of settings for WebP file. Since the option menu is in the same window, it can quickly be opened when needed.

Change Log

2015-03-11: Version 6.0 [Latest]
- Supports libwebp 0.4.3
- Add File Open Button
- Show progress status on the Windows task-bar
- Add Resize option
- Convert to animated webp from animated gif
- Bug fix
2015-02-13: Version 5.1
- Reduces CPU load while converting.
2015-01-17: Version 5.0
- Supprts deblocking filter.
- Add meta information preserving option.
- Add Dither strength parameter.