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Optimize Java Script and CSS files to give users a comfortable web experience

In your customers' experience on your web site, this is how to convey your ideas more effectively. In order to improve customer experience, we have developed technology to reduce traffic by every possible byte. Scriptm is an application to optimize Java script and CSS and reduce file size.

Reduce data size and improve user experience

With the spread of HTML5, now we can build interactive web page in a more rich.
Technology that forms the foundation of HTML5 is Java Script and CSS3, but the code amount,
such as Java script and CSS along with the value enhancement of content has continued to increase.
The Scriptm was developed to compress that increasing data size.
By optimizing Java script and CSS files and reducing its size, the amount of traffic is reduced,
and the amount of time that it takes to download decreases. This can contribute to improved user experience.

That it is a user-friendly it believes that it is "Naturally".

It was designed to operate easily for everyone. First, you will drag and drop the project folder into the Scriptm. And Java script and CSS files that exist in that folder is determined automatically. Finally, you push the optimization button. Optimized file .min is attached to the file name will be generated in the same location as the original file. Since the folder structure is stored, you can optimize immediately launching up the app.

During any time of need

You can be optimized codes anytime on the real-time mode. Also, the latest version supports beautifier option on the real-time mode. This option can be cleaned an optimized javascript source. (but, it does not restore an obfuscated code.)

Option Menu

In the options menu, there are check boxes to change some settings. Since the options menu is in the same window, it can quickly be opened when needed.

Change Log

2015-04-29: Version 6.4 [Latest]
- Minor bugfix
2015-03-11: Version 6.3
- Add File Open Button
- Show progress status on the Windows task-bar
- Bug fix
2015-02-06: Version 6.2
- Add Real-time mode.
- Add Java Script Beautifier.