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Store your memories forever

Want to keep the excitement and memories from CD jackets,
even now as delivery is moving online?
To give form to your memories, we have developed technology
to collect artwork (jacket images). Lightway is an application that
permanently stores album artwork with your memories.

Lightway will resolve a collection of artwork that has been given up.

Until now, the only ways to save album artwork was to use the iTunes standard artwork registration function, or manually search for the images one by one on the Internet. Since the iTunes standard artwork registration function is limited to albums sold on iTunes, some album artwork cannot be found with it. It takes a lot of work to search for and register the artwork manually. Lightway is an application dedicated to registering artwork that was developed to solve this problem. It uses a proprietary algorithm to automatically search for the appropriate images for your music. With the click of a button, you can register the images directly to your music files through iTunes.

Difficult operation does not require any

The application is very easy to use. Launch Lightway and iTunes at the same time and play the song whose artwork you would like to register on iTunes. Lightway will find the most appropriate pieces of artwork for the song and display them on the screen. Then just select your favorite image and click the "+" button. Lightway takes care of the rest automatically.

Preview Screen

Double click the thumbnail to move to the preview screen. You can confirm the image details on the preview screen.

Option Menu

In the option allows you to select the search method. The search type method allows you to specify the priority of when searching.

Change Log

2014-12-24: Version 5.0 [Latest]
- Romeolight version released.