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Optimize GIF files to give users a comfortable web experience

In your customers' experience on your web site, this is how to convey your ideas more effectively. In order to improve customer experience, we have developed technology to reduce traffic by every possible byte. GIFmicro is an application to optimize GIF images and reduce file size.

The one and only intuitive and functional GIF optimization tool

Achieve images that are rational and beautiful in every detail. Designed to prioritize user experience.

Optimize images and improve user experience

With the remarkable development of networks, web content has grown rich. In recent years, video posting has become an effective method of advertising for v-commerce (Video e-commerce). In V-commerce, the method of converting a portion of a video to GIF animation and placing it in the content header in order to increase view rates has become more common.
 One effective method of using GIFmicro is to optimize animated GIFs for v-commerce. By optimizing the GIF file and reducing its size, the amount of traffic is reduced, and the amount of time that it takes to download decreases. This can contribute to improved user experience.

Two optimization modes

GIFmicro is equipped with two optimization modes. The "Lossless compression mode" enables you to reduce the file size without any degradation of image file quality. Unneeded data written into the GIF file is deleted, and the file size is reduced as much as possible while maintaining image quality. The "Lossy compression mode" intentionally reduces the image quality to further reduce large file sizes. GIF files display colors using a method called "Indexed color". Indexed color uses an "index" for the colors used in the image from the "Global color table". By eliminating some of this color information (color reduction), the file size can be reduced. It is possible to use the options to adjust how much of the color information (what percent of the original) is deleted.

Preview Screen

Double click the item in the list to move to the preview screen. You can confirm the image details on the preview screen. It also supports displaying animated GIFs.

Option Menu

In the options menu, there are check boxes to change the compression mode and adjust the color reduction in lossy compression mode. Since the options menu is in the same window, it can quickly be opened when needed.

Change Log

2015-04-19: Version 1.6[Latest]
- Change save options
2015-03-10: Version 1.5
- Bug fix for Resize Option
2015-03-07: Version 1.4
- Add File open button
- Show progress status on the Windows task-bar
2015-02-14: Version 1.3
- Add paging controller on the preview screen.
2015-02-12: Version 1.2
- Bug fixes and other improvements.
2015-02-10: Version 1.1
- Add an option to specify the resizing.
2015-02-02: Version 1.0
- The 1st version released.